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Programs & Classes

The primary objective is for the students to have a good time with other Muslim kids, learn about their Islamic identity and reinforce their self confidence as proud American Muslims.Our staff is made of experienced teachers as well as young Volunteers  who can relate well with students based on their own experience growing up in this Dunya. Children have the right to be raised as responsible Muslims and adults and parents must ensure and uphold that right appropriately. Parents must be conscious and take an active role in guiding their children and families on the path of truth. 

I Love Islam Camp 2022 Flyer.png
I Love Islam Summer Camp 2022:

Register soon


  • Qur'anic memorization

  • Arabic reading and writing

  • Age appropriate Islamic studies focusing on belief, worship, and Islamic ethics

  • Islamic way of buying and selling

  • Indoor activities & competitive games

  • New location 

  • Axe throwing

Mad Science

Mad Science day 2022

Sunday 30th, October 2022, at Eastern Monroe Library.

last one done at Stroudsburg Islamic Center, PA

All Ages Invited

Mad Science day is about having extreme fun doing science experiments and winning prizes for the best at the challenges. This day also consist of a short information about magic, miracles and karamaats. 


Every class students will be expected to be respectful and patient in this learning environment. 

Masjids, school, residences, halls can request to have I Love Islam's Mad Science come out to their event, show, eid etc. 

Islam On The Move's Classes

Arabic Language Classes

Currently On Hold (These class are set to begin online)

Teens & Adults 


The Arabic classes are designed to improve Arabic penmanship while learning reading, conversation and understanding skills. This course will take any teen or adult from a basic beginners level one to advance level arabic.


All classes will be small in size encouraging more student to teacher attention. Expect dictation, conversation, memorization technics, grammar, understanding and more, insha Allah.

Beginners Arabic Course

 (Currently On Hold - If you need this class please contact Brother Mustafaa)

Teens & Adults Students and Advancing class)


These Arabic classes are designed to improve Arabic penmanship while learning reading skills. Beginners will start from the letters of the Arabic Alphabet with the goal in hand of acquring reading and writing skills that can take them to the next level of understanding and speech.

EQMP 2019.png

Elite Qur'anic Memorization Program,

 (These class are set to begin online)

9am to 12pm Every Saturday (Starting September 2022) 

Kid ages

The Elite Qur'anic Memorization program is more specific to the students level in memorization. Each students is observed initial for the following criterion :-       

        1. Amount of Surahs memorized

        2. Speed and accuracy of memory

        3. Behavior and manners

        4. Ability to listen and follow instructions

        5. Ability to read the Qur'an

These criterions are not pre-requests in order to enter the program. But they are requested by the teacher before hand. 

This Qur'anic program is considered elite not because of the teachers ability to teach but because of the benefit and positive outcomes of the program, Insha Allah. 

Each child would learn:-

             1. how to recite the Qur'an

             2. how to memorize the Qur'an

             3. how to read the Qur'an(those that can read would be perfecting reading)

             4. the meanings of the Ayaats and/or stories behind them

             5. Islamic etiquette (Adaab), Insha Allah


Expectation of every student:

       1. Be on time and consistent

       2. Dress in the right attire

       3. Complete their homework

       4. Good behavior while following all rules and regulations

       5. Positive attitude at all times

Please be advised that a report update is provided every 10 classes until graduation day. Levels are graduated based on the Juz memorized. 

               Time:        9am to 12pm every Saturday. 

               Contact:   Brother Mustafaa (347) 909-5053

               Price: $50 per month ( this is a monthly price)

               Registration fee: $20 (ALL PRICES ARE WAIVED DURING CORONAVIRUS                                                     PANDEMIC)

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